SATA Ticket Benefits

Exclusive SATA fares are for special Student & Youth air tickets on dependable regular scheduled flights; these are not charters. You must be a full-time student, or else someone under 26, and have a valid ISIC or IYTC card to use them. We issue both cards in house for $7.50 inclusive postage – see ISIC Cards or else IYTC Youth Card pages for details.

One Ways and Open Jaws and changes of itinerary or departure date are frequently possible, subject to seat availability and a small nominal charge. SATA means very flexible scheduled air travel at least overall cost (or hassles) for you should your plans alter, as sometimes happens. To purchase the same flexibility and protection on standard tickets would cost far more.

Booking Conditions

Fares are restricted to Students with ISIC cards and anyone else under 26 with a IYTC card (IYTC Youth Card). We issue both card types.

Many special fares exclude travel around peak travel periods for holidays such as Christmas.

Airfares are subject to the terms and conditions of each airline, which will vary. Airfares are seasonal and subject to availability. Please call or e-mail us with your required flights and dates for more information. Remember, always book early to avoid disappointment, as the inexpensive seats always go first; and if a seat isn’t available in that price group we may be able to put you on a “wait list” in case of a cancellation or increased capacity.

Fare Eligibility

Students with an ISIC card and anyone under 26 with a IYTC card can purchase our exclusive and flexible SATA air tickets. We issue both cards if required. Eligibility may be subject to certain airline restrictions for under 16’s and mature students over 30. Ask, as conditions vary between carriers and for individual services.

Note on Taxes

Please note that travel agents and tour operators are obliged by law to collect airport tax and passenger charges on behalf of the relevant authorities. Prepaid taxes and passenger security charges are extra and can only be exactly calculated and advised at the time of booking.