The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only card proving student status in 93 countries worldwide.

If you’re a student you must have the ISIC to be able to access student SATA airfares and most other travel discounts, as well as loads of retail savings in the UK and many attractions abroad.

Retail Discounts

Amongst other retail outlets Domino’s Pizzas, National Express, YHA, Holiday Autos, Miss Selfridge, Schuh, La Senza, Vision Express, Eurostar, Ford, Lonely Planet and Planet Hollywood all offer discounts to holders of the ISIC card.

Free Travel Helpline

You also get a free international travel telephone helpline. You have the option of an e-mail virtual safe deposit box, currency exchange benefits, and discount options on international telephone calls (when you need to call home for more money.).

Cost & Validity

Currently at $7.50 by post from us they offer the best value around. They run from the first day of September each year to the last day of December the next year – 15 months – as they’re tied to the academic year.

Getting Your ISIC

To print out our ISIC application form CLICK HERE or call or e-mail us with your address to request an application form. Any problems and we will post it to you.

You need a clear photocopy of your NUS card and the information page of your passport, and a signed request for the ISIC card (USE THIS FORM) together with a cheque for $7.50 made out to PROGRESS TRAVEL, or sign the authorisation for your credit/debit card on the form.

Make sure you give us the full address where the card is to be posted to, and include the post code.