We arrange and book almost everything for travellers going Down Under into the Southern Hemisphere and the South Pacific region in general.

Flights out and back; visitors visas; stopovers and hotels en route; internal flights and surface travel once there; hotels and city tours; adventure and active sports tours; sightseeing and nature and eco-tours and safaris.

All tailor-made to meet your exact requirements, be they for leisure or business travel; or a little of both mixed in. Small groups of friends travelling and family holidays, and long stay or full Round the World itineraries for backpackers are our stock in trade.

Apart from the fact that you can dine in style for a very modest sum, travel economically, and enjoy the fantastic climate for free, the general value for money is terrific.

Thinking of getting married? Why not get sorted while you’re there – sounds exotic and a little exciting? We did it, in an orchard at Braidwood NSW. It’s really quite simple and almost entirely stress free; even for the couple.

18-35 Adventure Travel

For the younger and the more active travellers we offer the full range of small group adventures from Contiki 18-35; Adventure Bound; Raging Thunder; Oz and Kiwi Experience and many more.

We also book Sahara Outback Tours; Australian Adventure Tours and Tasmanian Adventures; Billy Can Safaris, Travel West etc. – far far too many to list here.

As well as all these we have ultra-flexible alternative bus and coach pass options too; for Greyhound Pioneer; McCafferty’s Coaches; TravelPass; and Magic and Wayward Bus etc